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Transmisison Flush, Replacements, Repairs and Rebuilds.

Having transmission issues? It's not common but it happens. We're a transmission specialty shop offering services for all makes and models of transmission including automatic, standard and CVT transmissions. We can replace, repair or rebuild any transmission. We also offer transmission flush services to prevent transmission issues in the future.

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Transfer Case Service, Diagnosis, Repairs, Rebuilds or Replacements.

Are you having an issue with your transfer case? Come down for a free diagnosis and estimate. We will diagnose the issue, let you know whats wrong with it and provide multiple repair/replacement options. Whether your looking for a simple service or a full rebuild we've got you covered with great pricing and reliable warranties.


Differential Service, Rebuilds, Repairs and Replacements

Do you think you might be having an issue with your differentials? Come down for a free differential diagnosis and get a fast, honest quote. We will provide you with options to replace, rebuild or repair your differentials including new and used options at great prices and with quality warranties. Schedule a quick differential service to prevent long term issues.

driveshaft repair

Axle and Driveshaft Diagnosis, Repair or Replacement

Although we specialize in Transmission repairs our certified staff has decades of experience in diagnosing, repairing and replacing all components of your vehicles drivetrain including your axles and driveshafts. We can identify any potential issues and help you choose the best repair options getting you back on the road asap!

transmission moutns

Transmission and Engine Mounts

Your vehicles engine and transmission are held down to the vehicles frame using mounts which prevents the transmission or engine from moving or rocking while in use. Bad mounts can cause a number of issues including a clunking noise/feeling and can lead to potential transmission damage if not addressed. Whenever we diagnose your vehicles transmission we will also check your mounts as a courtesy and can include that in any transmission repair for a small additional fee.

6l80 valve body and solenoids

Valve Body, Solenoids, Shift Kits, and Computer Updates

Often times an automatic transmission will start to show malfunction if there is an issue with the transmissions valve body, solenoids or TCU (transmission control unit.) Often times people assume they will need to replace the whole transmission when in fact they have a valve body or solenoid issue. Our expert staff can identify and diagnose your vehicles valve body, solenoids or transmission control unit and replace if needed. Often times these repairs are more cost effective than replacing a transmission and takes less time, getting you back on the road in less time, for less money.


Leaks & Preventative Services Offered: No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small

Super Discount Transmissions can tackle any job no matter how big or small. We work on all makes and models of vehicles including classics, foreign and domestic models. AWD, FWD and 4WD vehicles including automatic, standard and CVT transmissions. Whether you need a transmission conversion, rebuild, replacement or a simple service we've got you covered!

Experienced Technicians, Great Pricing, And Quality Warranties on all of our work.

When you bring your vehicle to Super Discount Transmissions for your vehicles next repair or service you can rest assured that our professional technicians will do a great job, at a great price and with a quality warranty. Get straight forward pricing, free diagnosis and a free tow for qualifying repairs. Contact us now to learn more! 623-882-9113

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